OK so you're ready to create a risk assessment?

1. Go to risk assessments

2. Click on create a form - of course select what type of risk assessment you need first from the list


3. Fill out the forms basics 

Please note the form will auto save as you go along and wont let you leave the form until you have the very basic parts completed

4. Complete all the hazards, we have included everything so you won't miss anything and there are fields for additional notes should you have something ultra rare.

5. Add in any additional notes, or photos and supporting documentation if required. 

6. Your done, click the save the form button to exit

7. You can now click on view completed forms (please note there is a view completed forms button for each of the 5 different types of risk assessments)

8. To download just open up your completed form and click the download form button (top right of the form)

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